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Why Go Green?

The Meaning of Green Before going green, companies and organizations should know what it means to be "green" in the first place.

"Green" is a process whereby organizations around the world begin to move towards environmentally sustainable practices and products. No company will ever fully be green until all of its processes, products, and services are completely regenerative. The term "green company/organization " will be constantly evolving as they seek to use resources in a more efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

We have identified 11 key Green areas in which companies, non-profits, government organizations, and , individuals can begin to become more environmentally sustainable.

Why Go Green? In many parts of the world, water is undrinkable, air is unbreathable, and land is being destroyed daily due to incredible amounts of waste resulting from inefficient production and disposal methods. Our employees, neighbors, families, and children are being exposed to chemicals in foods, on fabrics, mixed into many materials with which we have contact. 95% of most products created goes to waste. Worst of all, the earth is undeniably losing the beauty it once had.

For us, the case is simple: The health of the people we love and the future of children in our world is at stake.

Here's a list of links for you to explore, where other companies and organizations make compelling cases for protecting the environment:

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